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Vehicle Status Manager (VSM)

This package allows you to view and manage real-time status of your vehicles, enhancing communication between Drivers, Dispatch, Cleaning and Maintenance teams.  We use updates from your team along with your telematics, maintenance and booking data to allow you to accurately view status and prioritize activities.

The goal is to provide an accurate and efficient solution to managing vehicle status across  operations teams.  This should allow you to retire manual processes such as whiteboards, shared spreadsheets and printed daily booking schedules.

Features: Basic VSM, VSM +Maintenance, SMS Support, View Status HistoryView Status on our Fleet Map

click here to see a short demo video of this feature

How To Get Started

How It Works

Basic Vehicle Status Manager
provides support for viewing and managing the status across teams

users with portal access can view & manage the status & notes on the portal

expand a record to view the status change history and details

view the status page on a tablet or wall monitor that refreshes every minute

staff can update the status via a laptop, phone or tablet

Vehicle Status Management (+Maintenance Support)
provides an additional status for maintenance and can pull in DVIR and/or maintenance status (RTA)

users with portal access can view & manage the status & notes on the portal

Send Status Updates With SMS
allow staff and 3rd parties to simple send updates with SMS

  • a phone # will be provided for you to distribute to your team or 3rd parties that provide wash or maintenance services

  • ask them to simply send a text message to update the status

    • simply include the status and vehicle ID

      • 'cleaned B123'​

    • the status will update in real-time​

    • the history of who made the status change will be visible in the history

    • a confirmation can be sent back to the user (optional)

      • 'updated the status to CLEANED for B123'​

example status update from wash staff

                            cleaned B123


confirmation response to your staff

  updated the status

  to CLEANED for B123

View Status Change History
allow you to search for changes by date range, status or vehicle

View & Filter By Status On The Fleet Map
sort & filter vehicles by status, select vehicle for more details

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