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Samsara & Coach Manager


Our Integration Platform

We have a turnkey platform used by over 25 bus companies to integrate Samsara and Distinctive Coach Manager.  This platform provides actuals integration along with several other optional features described below.

Typical Projects - Bookings, Routes & Actuals

We can setup your integration in a few days to support processing bookings, creating routes in Samsara and returning actuals to Coach Manager.  Only minimal configuration changes are needed on the Coach Manager side.  Each integration will use configurable rules to calculate actuals based on vehicle and/or driver events in Samsara.  A web based portal allows customers to view actual results, provides a dashboard view of historical events & configure integration settings.  

Additional Features
We offer several additional platform features that can simply be enabled and customized as needed.   We are happy to discuss building other custom solutions if needed...


We charge a flat fee to create the initial platform & a monthly fee based on fleet size to manage the integration.

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