Our Integration Platform

We have built many custom integrations between Samsara and Distinctive Coach Manager.  Each integration leverages a reliable base platform to greatly reduce the time & effort required for future integrations.  

Typical Projects - Bookings, Routes & Actuals

We can create a custom integration in 1-2 weeks to support processing bookings, creating routes in Samsara and returning actuals to Coach Manager.  Based on past experience, each customer will likely want to customize the logic for their specific needs.  These changes are generally discovered during the integration testing after data is flowing between systems.  For this reason, we allocate some time for minor changes to the base platform in any proposal.  Any significant changes may require additional development time.

We charge a flat fee to create the initial integration & a small yearly support fee.

Additional Features
We also offer some additional platform features that were requested by previous customers.  These are entirely optional and we just charge an initial fee to set up, customize and test each feature as outlined below.

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Integration Platform Architecture 

CM_Samsara Marketing Architecture (1).png