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Integration Platform Packages & Pricing

Our platform contains features requested by our customers since we started building integrations for the bus industry in 2018.  We try to build all features so they can be customized and used by multiple companies.  This model keeps upfront costs down and allow multiple companies to features at a reasonable price. 

We grouped our features into the following packages that can be added or removed at any time.  We charge a simple monthly fee for packages based on your vehicle count and give you access to all current and future features.

There are no setup fees, you simply pay monthly for any packages you need, and you can cancel at any time.  

We offer a $1k credit for any referrals - help us grow and continue to expand our platform

This is the base package that connects your booking platform (Coach Manager or TBN) with your Samsara platform.  This allows you to create routes from bookings and provide actuals to optimize driver payroll & customer invoicing. Actuals are then available in our integration portal and pushed to your booking platform after a booking has completed.

Includes the following: Integration Portal, Dashboard, Fleet Map, Actuals Results, User Manager, Settings Manager

*this package is required as it covers the base integration features used by all other packages*

This package provides enhanced map views to show your vehicles alongside booking data & vehicle status.  These views provide additional map views not available in Samsara to your staff.  These views can also be shared via SMS (requires our alerts package) or embedded in your website to provide real-time locations to customers based on vehicle, booking IDs or booking types.

Includes the following: Trip History, Route History, Live Vehicle Tracking, Live Tracking By Booking, Live Tracking By Type 

This package provides web views & reports to help you analyze bookings, actuals, vehicle and driver data to further support operations.  This package requires the Booking & Actuals Package as it relies on bookings and actuals results.

Includes the following: Vehicle/Driver Utilization, Booking Calendar, Actuals Performance Report, Unplanned Vehicle/Driver Activity Reports

This package provides custom alerts to drivers, staff, leaders and passengers based on booking events. This package requires the Booking & Actuals Package as it relies on both ELD and booking data.

Includes the following: Vehicle Late Alerts, Vehicle Activity Alerts, HOS Duration Alerts, Pre-Trip Notifications, Post-Trip Notifications, Driver Relay Notifications, Group SMS/Email Sender & Alert History

the greater of the monthly minimum or calculated usage fee is used for billing

usage fees are based on the count & size of SMS messages sent (1 SMS unit = 140 characters)

for example: to send driver trip notifications (~2 SMS units) for 100 bookings, the fee would be $3.40/day

how this was calculated: 100 (msgs) X 2 (units) X 1 (recipient) X $.0085 (*unit cost) X 2 (**processing fee) = $3.40/day

*unit cost is based on AWS SMS pricing -

**the processing fee covers all other hosting fees & the license fee to use this feature

This package allows you to manage vehicle status to assist with cleaning and maintenance scheduling.

Includes the following: a dedicated phone # for SMS, Status Enabled Fleet Map, Vehicle Status Manager & Booking Utilization Views

This package will find nearby buses & yards from your company & others to assist in a breakdown situation.

Includes the following: a dedicated phone # for SMS, access to web based event history & details pages

There is NO fee to register as an SOS request provider (meaning you can be contacted by others).    

*this feature is free for all to use while we expand our coverage across the country*

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