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Integration Platform Packages & Pricing

We have worked closely with our customers to build new features and add them to our platform.  When possible, we build features so they can be customized and reused by others.  This model keeps upfront costs down and allows both large and small companies to use our platform at a reasonable price. 

We group these features into the following packages and charge a simple monthly fee based on your vehicle count.  This gives you access to all current and future package features.

There are no setup fees, you simply pay monthly for any packages you need and you can cancel at any time.  

Do you know anyone else that could use our help?  If so, we offer a $1k referral credit 

This is the base package that connects your booking and telematics platforms and is typically used along with one or more of our feature packages.  It includes support for creating routes from bookings, custom map views to show your vehicles alongside booking data and our Bus SOS (vehicle breakdown assistance) features.

Includes the following: Bookings View, User Manager, Settings Manager, Fleet Map, Trip History, Route History, Live Vehicle Tracking, Live Tracking By Booking, Live Tracking By Type, Live Yard View, Bus SOS Manager/Event pages

*this package is required as it connects the platforms and provides data used by all other packages*

*extra fees may apply if you have multiple locations that need to be managed separately*

This package automates retrieving actual driver HOS times & vehicle times/mileage from your telematics platform.  It then pushes this data to your booking platform to streamline driver payroll & customer billing activities.  This eliminates the need to manually enter this data and provides tools to view and troubleshoot issues efficiently in one place.

Includes the following: Booking & Actuals Results, Booking Status Dashboard

This package provides web views & reports to help you analyze bookings, actuals, vehicle and driver data to further support operations such as driver payroll, customer billing, forecasting and on-time performance.

Includes the following: Actuals On-time Performance, Actuals Mileage Report, Actuals Billing Report, Actuals Vehicle Report, Actuals Driver Daily/Multiday Reports, Driver Utilization, Vehicle Utilization (daily, weekly, monthly), Unplanned Vehicle/Driver Activity Reports

*this package requires the Actuals Integration as it uses data from this package*

This package provides custom alerts to drivers, staff, leaders and passengers based on booking events.

Includes the following: Vehicle Late Alerts, Vehicle Activity Alerts, Vehicle Idle Alerts, HOS Duration Alerts, Pre-Trip Notifications, Post-Trip Notifications, Driver Relay Notifications, Group SMS/Email Sender & Alert History

*SMS overages fees may apply based on usage*

This package allows you to view and manage real-time statuses of your vehicles, enhancing communication between Dispatch, Cleaning and Maintenance teams.

Includes the following: a dedicated phone # for SMS, Status Enabled Fleet Map, Vehicle Status Manager & Booking Utilization Views

This package allows your team to access platform data directly for use within your organization.  This is typically to support BI Solutions or other internal applications that require telematics or booking platform data.  We can provide a solution to pull data from our APIs or push data to your APIs or database if needed.

Solutions typically include the following: an API account, driver data, vehicle data, booking data, alert data, etc

*extra fees may apply based on requirements and data volume*

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