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Platform Updates For 2023

The following updates and new features have been built for our customers over the past year.  If you have any questions about these features, would like a demo or have ideas for other improvements, let us know.

Bookings & Actuals Package

  • Booking/Actuals page updates

    • now shows live vs dead mileage
    • now shows driver HOS On Duty, Off Duty & Driving times
    • support searching by booking finish/start/overlapping date range
    • improved searching and filtering of results
  • calculates and returns actual dead mileage to Coach Manager (v5.19+)
  • updated vehicle fleet map support to show speed, direction & booking info, added vehicle real-time vehicle tracking support

Bookings Views & Reports

  • NEW - Driver Utilization View​

    • daily view of drivers planned booking ​details & times

  • NEW - Unplanned Vehicle & Driver Activity Reports

    • daily view of vehicle or driver activity outside of planned bookings ​

  • Actuals Performance Report

    • improved layout, sorting and filtering

  • Booking Calendar View

    • updated to ​2 week view, shows booked vehicle type counts by day

  • Vehicle Utilization View

    • updated to support new sorting and filtering

  • NEW Billing Report

    • shows planned vs actual booking pickup to completion times​

  • NEW Payroll Report

    • shows planned vs actual HOS/vehicle times​

Vehicle Status Management

  • Fleet Map updated to support better filtering by status

  • Vehicle Status Manager Page updates

    • shows history and color coded view and better filtering by status

    • added standalone mode - read-only mode that auto reloads results that can be used as a wall monitor in the wash/maintenance bays

  • DVIR / Maintenance status support added​

    • shows real-time status based on DVIR records


  • add support for custom driver notes along with the SOS request

  • added several new participating companies

Alerts & Notifications

  • NEW - Vehicle Activity Alerts

    • ​sends a message to drivers for Samsara vehicle events (Idle Time, Faults, etc)

  • NEW - HOS Duration Alerts

    • ​sends a message to drivers when they approach On Duty limits (70/8 rule, etc)

  • NEW - ​​Post-Trip Notifications​

    • ​send a trip follow up message to drivers, group leaders & passengers

    • used for driver / customer trip feedback, surveys, discount offers​, etc

    • can be sent when the vehicle arrives at arrival, back or finish location

  • NEW - ​Driver Relay Notifications

    • ​send a message to a relay driver when their vehicle is near start location​

  • NEW - Group Message Sender

    • ​send custom SMS or Email messages to your staff and drivers

    • supports filtering by job title, location, available vs. unavailable drivers

  • Alert History updates

    • supports filtering by type, Booking ID, Vehicle, User, Email or Phone #

    • now saves and show SMS responses from drivers & customer

    • now supports responding to SMS msgs from users with a generic response

      • lets users know their SMS response was received​

      • responses can be forward as an email to staff for review 

User Management

  • added Manage Profile page to allow all users to set user fields & passwords

  • added support for bulk import of users via a CSV

  • added new fields: phone #, tags, job title, location (to support group messaging)

  • added new roles: Garage, Dispatch, Wash Bay (limited access for Vehicle Status)

Package & Pricing Updates

  • we eliminated setup fees for all packages

  • we now use simple monthly package based pricing that includes all features

  • packages can be turned off & on at any time

  • monthly payments can be automated with our payment provider (Stripe)

  • we now offer a $1k referral credit

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