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Alerts & Trip Notifications


The following features provide highly customizable alerts to managers, drivers, leaders and passengers to notify them of booking events.

Vehicle Late Alerts

  • send a message if a vehicle or driver is running late for a planned booking

  • configuration

    • you can configure the amount of time after the planned start time to wait before sending an alert (15 minutes by default)

    • the alerts can be based on any of the following vehicle and/or driver events

      • the driver did not log into the vehicle

      • the driver did not create a DVIR record

      • the vehicle did not leave the starting location

      • the vehicle was not started

      • the vehicle had not moved

    • messages can be sent

      • to drivers via SMS (via the phone # in Samsara)

      • to custom recipients (dispatchers, managers, etc)

        • via email, SMS, Microsoft Teams or Slack

        • can be configured by booking type, booking base & company ID

    • bookings can be filtered by: client ID, booking type, driver tags, vehicle tags & vehicle name

    • SMS templates allow you to customize the format of the message sent​

example message:

Late Alert - Vehicle123
Driver - John Smith (555-555-5555)
Start - 08/17 08:00 AM
Spot - 08/17 08:30 AM
Pickup - 08/17 09:00 AM
Location - North High School

Trip Notifications
Drivers, Group Leaders & Passengers

  • send a message before a booking

    • to confirm the trip details

    • exchange contact information between the driver, group leaders and/or passengers

  • configuration

    • can be enabled to send for business hours only

    • can be sent a 1 or more hours before a booking (24 typically)

    • messages are typically sent via SMS, but can be sent via email, Microsoft Teams or Slack as well

    • bookings can be filtered by: client ID or Samsara driver tags

    • can be configured for any and all of these recipients as follows:

      • for driver notifications

        • the driver name must be specific in the booking and found in Samsara

        • driver confirmation support can be enabled

          • prompts driver to respond to notification SMS message to acknowledge

          • unconfirmed trips can be emailed to managers after a configurable timeout period

          • confirmation status & times can be viewed in alert history

      • for group leader notifications

        • you must populate a booking field with the contact info

      • for passenger notifications

        • you must supply passenger info externally in advance of a booking

        • typically these are exported from another system and emailed in a CSV attachment

        • must contain the booking ID, start date, passenger name & passenger phone #

    • SMS templates allow you to customize the format of the message sent

example message to drivers:

ABC Busing - trip reminder
Booking ID : 123_456
Trip Date: 08/17
Group Name: Boys Soccer Team
Garage Time: 08/17 08:00 AM
Pickup Time: 08/17 09:00 AM
Pickup: North High School

example message to group leaders:

ABC Busing - trip reminder
Trip Date: 08/17
Pickup: 09:00 AM
Location: North High School
Driver: Smith, John
Driver #: 555-555-5555

example message to passengers:

ABC Busing wishes you a great trip
Trip Date: 08/17
Pickup: 09:00 AM
Location: North High School
Group Leader: Smith, Jill

Alert History

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