Who Are We?

we are a small team of senior software consultants that focuses on practical solutions and helping clients navigate the evolving technology landscape

What Can We Provide?

we are a flexible team that can offer full or part time technology resources.  

we can also provide a team to own the full lifecycle of a software project.  

we have expertise in agile development and end-to-end system architecture, design, testing and development.

Technology Expertise

we are open source enthusiasts and have senior experience in the following areas...

  • Python

    • boto3, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Serverless​

  • Java, Spring Framework

    • REST, JPA, Security, Boot

  • Apache Software Foundation

    • ActiveMQ, Camel​

  • ElasticSearch

    • advanced application search​

  • Angular, VueJS

    • enterprise portal, back office applications​

  • AWS

    • Iot, Lambda, Cloudformation, ECS, DynamoDB, RDS​, S3, SQS