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Who Are We?
we are a small team of senior software consultants that focuses on practical solutions and helping clients navigate the evolving technology landscape

Technology Expertise

we are open source enthusiasts and have senior experience in the following areas...

  • primary languages: Python​, Java, VueJS​

  • messaging & integration frameworks

    • ActiveMQ, Camel​, AWS IoT, UDP

  • AWS

    • Lambda, IoT, SQS, RDS, S3

    • DynamoDB, Cloud Formation, ECS, EC2

    • Serverless Framework

What Can We Provide?
we are a flexible team that can offer full or part time technology resources.  we can also provide a team to own the full lifecycle of a software project.  we have expertise in agile development and end-to-end system architecture, design, testing and development.

Integration Expertise

we work with various companies to provide custom integration

  • Samsara

  • Distinctive Coach Manager

  • Geotab

  • Verizon Telematics

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