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Booking & Actuals Package

This is the base package that connects your booking platform (Coach Manager or TBN) with your ELD platform.  The purpose is to combine planned booking data with the actual ELD data to make paying drivers & invoicing customers more accurate.

Once setup, bookings are received by our platform and routes can optionally created in Samsara to allow drivers to view booking stops in their mobile device. 

After a booking completes, our platform processes the following actuals based on ELD data and customer specific rules: driver HOS on/off/drive times, vehicle arrival & leave times, vehicle odometer & live/dead/state mileage.  Actuals results can be viewed from our portal and are sent to your booking platform.

The following features are included with all booking & actuals integrations to support troubleshooting & to provide more detailed views of your actuals results alongside your bookings. 

How It Works
bookings are received, routes are created in Samsara & actual results are processed and returned for each booking

Integration Portal Dashboard
provides a summarized view of all booking, actuals, alerts and other features over the past month

View Booking & Actuals Results By Date Range
search for bookings by finish date range, start date range or by booking ID to view & troubleshoot results

Fleet Vehicle Map
provides a map view of your fleet with driver info, speed & upcoming booking info

View Actuals Results Details
expand any booking to see the detailed results including driver HOS events, vehicle events, mileage, odometer & durations

Manage Users
provide role based access to the integration portal for up to 10 users

Manage Settings
manage all integration portal feature settings in one place

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