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Fleet Technology Solutions

We have built custom features & platform integrations for over 30 bus companies across the US.  These solutions typically bridge the gap between ELD providers, booking systems and other 3rd parties to maximize the value of each and provide custom features that combine data across systems.  

Our solutions are built and hosted using reliable cloud technologies to greatly reduce the time & effort required to build and maintain.  We typically can get a fleet up and running using our turnkey platform in a couple of days and build most custom solutions in weeks (not months).

Our Platform Packages & Features

Bookings & Actuals Integration

We connect your vehicle ELD and booking platforms to create routes and calculate actual times & mileage for each booking.  This data can then be used by our custom reports and your booking platform to streamline driver payroll, customer billing & improve operations.


Custom Views & Reports

We combine data from multiple systems to provide specific operational views & reports.  These allow you to see your planned data alongside actual ELD data for vehicle & drivers to support forecasting, analytics, on-time reporting and much more.

Custom Map Views

This package shows your vehicles alongside booking data & vehicle status to provide custom views.  These views provide additional map views not available in Samsara to your staff.  These views can also be shared to provide real-time locations to customers based on vehicle, booking IDs or booking types.

Alerts & Notifications

These SMS & email alert features allow you to notify staff, customers and passengers about booking, vehicle & driver events.  The goal of each is to notify the right people at the right time to improve overall fleet reliability and improve end-to-end customer service.

Vehicle Status Management

We have a web & SMS based solution to manage vehicle readiness status in real-time.  This allows your cleaning, maintenance & dispatch teams teams to share status changes and notes about each vehicle.  We also show upcoming booking times & driver info and update the vehicle status in real-time based on vehicle events (leaving, arrivals & DVIRs). 

BUS SOS - Vehicle Breakdown Assistance

Working closely with our partners, we created a web & SMS based solution to help you find a replacement vehicle during a breakdown event.  This feature allows your staff & drivers to find nearby vehicles and also broadcast requests to nearby companies.  Companies can then respond to your request if they have vehicles available.

Simple Monthly Pricing

We charge a simple monthly fee for each package based on your vehicle count and usage.  This gives you access to all current and future package features.  There are no setup fees, you will simply be invoiced monthly for any active packages and you can cancel at any time.  

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