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[we build fleet solutions]


we are a team of senior software consultants that have been building custom software solutions for over 20 years

we pride ourselves on being professional,  reliable and focused on customer needs above all else


we can help you evaluate technology options


we can review your current architecture and help you determine a path forward

we can augment your current team to provide critical expertise

we can run a software project start to finish

Services & SOLUTIONS

we can build custom integrations with telematics providers (Samsara) and fleet booking systems (Distinctive Coach Manager, TBN OpsDriver)

we build software support for custom hardware & firmware (HTTP, MQTT, UDP)

our industry experience includes vehicle telematics, fleet management, water monitoring & offender monitoring

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our TECH focus

we focus on AWS cloud technologies and serverless architectures

these allow us to leverage managed services to reduce development costs, minimize infrastructure costs and reduce time to market


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